During a competitive bidding process, I sign the confidentiality agreement. Can I disclose the information later once the bid process is over? Isn’t it that the supplier has right to know how much we spend anyway because we’re spending public funds?

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Not all information can be disclosed freely even if a competitive bidding process is over, such as pricing. We don’t recommend volunteering information related to the tendering process to suppliers once the bid process is over.

The University is required to handle, store and maintain the supplier’s confidential or commercially sensitive information. The University is also held accountable to the public by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and Personal Health Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PHIPPA).

As individuals engaged in Supply Chain Activities on behalf of the University, we need to understand the Freedom of Information (FOI) request can be made for information on tendering and administration of contracts by public. It is important that we maintain our professional conduct as a result of this.