Can I do "multiple" lines of coding on Supply Managed Contract Invoices?

Generally, the answer is "NO" as most supply managed contract suppliers are unable to deal with more than one line of coding per transaction. There may be exceptions from time to time, however, as old contracts expire and new ones are added.  It doesn't hurt to ask the supplier at the time of purchase whether they can handle multiple lines of coding.

When do I get a copy of a paid invoice?

Accounts Payable no longer sends out invoice copies to departments.  Most invoices processed through Accounts Payable are now available for viewing through FRS.  Please see the Payments and Reimbursements page and click on 'Obtaining Invoice Copies' for more information.

Who corrects coding errors on Accounts Payable transactions?

Generally, coding errors occur for one of two reasons.  Either Accounts Payable has keyed the information incorrectly or incorrect information was provided to Accounts Payable on the source document.  If Accounts Payable makes a keying error resulting in an incorrect coding, we will be happy to process a journal entry to correct it.  However, if incorrect information was provided to Accounts Payable on the source document, your department will be responsible for processing the adjusting journal entry.

How are HST rebates calculated?

 In most cases, the University gets a 67% rebate on the federal portion of the HST and a 78% rebate on the provincial portion of the HST. There are exceptions to this rule.

For more information on HST rebates and invoice taxes in general please refer to the Payments and Reimbursements page and click on 'Taxes and Rebates'.


When do I use a LVPO or a HVPO?

Please refer to the Purchasing Policy for more information, but a good "rule of thumb" is that anything of $5000 or higher should be on a HVPO unless covered by a supply managed contract. For a list of supply managed contracts (either by Supplier or Commodity), visit the Purchasing web site.

When do I use a cheque requistion or a coding sticker?

If you have an invoice, you can use a coding sticker to code and approve the invoice.  Alternatively, you could write the coding and amounts directly on a blank area of the invoice along with a signature to authorize payment of the invoice.  Use a cheque requisition if there is no invoice or if you would like to note any special instructions regarding an invoice.

Where do I get cheque requisitions?

A link to an Excel version of the cheque requiisition form can be found on the Cheque Requisition page along with other important cheque requisition information.  We recommend using the Excel form as it allows you to key in the relevant information and then save the form.  By typing in the information, the form will be easier to read which reduces the chances of keying errors in Accounts Payable.

What is needed in Accounts Payable re: Petty Cash?

Accounts Payable needs 4 pieces of information:

  1. The brown envelope with the codes
  2. The white "remittance" voucher
  3. The backup documentation with 2 signatures (who received the money & who gave out the money)
  4. The receipt(s)

For more information refer to the Petty Cash Procedure

Is supplier’s air fare okay to reimburse?

Air fare (travel) is an allowable expense and can still be paid to the suppliers as long as the contracts explicitly provide that. Suppliers need to provide original itemized receipts along with their invoices for claims.


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