Can researchers enter into contractual agreement with suppliers if they use their own grant?

If the researchers are also the grant owner and have the signing authority for committing the grant on behalf of the University, yes, the researchers can enter into contractual agreement with suppliers within their approval authority. The researchers will be responsible to make sure the contracts entered are compliant with the University’s policies and procedures, government regulations as well as the rules of the grant.

We address the questions the supplier has during the debriefing process. What if they have more questions after debriefing? What is the process?

The Supplier has 60 days after the Award Notification to request debriefing. During the debriefing, supplier’s questions and issues in relation to their submission will be addressed.

If suppliers are not satisfied with debriefing, they can file bid dispute notice within 10 business days following debriefing according to the University’s FP2.3.31 Bid Dispute Resolution Procedure Rev. June 1 2012.

Do members of evaluation team have to include members from Purchasing Services?


In projects where technical knowledge and experience is necessary to evaluate the bids, purchasing agent will be the Purchasing Lead of the project to facilitate the evaluation process. The evaluation team will be designated by the department.

Can I setup evaluation criteria on geographic locations if I prefer local suppliers?

No. Evaluating suppliers based on geographic location or local content is considered discriminatory procurement practices and is prohibited under the Directive.

In a bid evaluation process, if a supplier submits exactly what we need plus “a little bit extra”, how to deal with it?

We need to evaluate the supplier’s bid according to the evaluation criteria established in the bid document. Under no circumstances can those “a little bit extra” be used as a reason to deviate from the criteria. Suppliers should not be awarded bonus points for the “a little bit extra”. Neither should they be deducted points for lacking the “a little bit extra”.

During the bid evaluation process, what is the process to roll into one evaluation from the independent evaluations done by each evaluation team member?

The bid evaluation team should establish the method of how to roll up the individual evaluations into one final evaluation. It could be a consensus or using the average of individual scores, as long as the team agrees and sticks to it.

All individual evaluations will be kept with the bid file for the project.


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