I purchase services from other departments of the University of Guelph. Does the Directive apply to these purchases?

Purchases made in between different departments within the University of Guelph are internal purchases, which are not considered procurement by the University as an organization.  It’s not required to follow the Directive for internal purchases.

Is there any consequence for the Organization for not being compliant with the Directive? Is there any liability for individual who doesn’t follow the Directive?

Depending on which area the non-compliance takes place, there could be different risks and consequences.  These include, but are not limited to, the University’s reputation as a public funded organization will be damaged; the University’s funding could be adversely affected; legal challenges could be initiated by suppliers deprived of the right to compete openly and fairly for public funded business opportunities.

Do we need to follow the Directive right away?

Yes, we need to follow the Directive right away. 

April 1, 2011 is the timeline all BPS organizations need to be compliant with the Directive.  

We are the administrative staff in my department and we are aware of the related policies and procedures. But some faculty and staff in my area don’t recognize the importance of these changes. What should we do?

As a publicly funded organization, the University of Guelph is required by the government to be compliant with the BPS Procurement Directive.  All faculty and staff who are involved in supply chain activities of the University need to be aware of the Directive and need to follow the requirements of the Directive. 


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