We are the administrative staff in my department and we are aware of the related policies and procedures. But some faculty and staff in my area don’t recognize the importance of these changes. What should we do?

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As a publicly funded organization, the University of Guelph is required by the government to be compliant with the BPS Procurement Directive.  All faculty and staff who are involved in supply chain activities of the University need to be aware of the Directive and need to follow the requirements of the Directive. 

Purchasing Services’ training is a start to get the message out to departments and campus.   We’ll continue the effort to raise the awareness of the related policies and procedures by working with individual division and department on training, meeting and discussions that are necessary to implement the Directive.

It is realized that the implementation of the change needs a long term commitment from all employees of all levels of the University.   Purchasing Services is committed to leading this change and would like to work with you to reach the people you work with.  If you require any assistance in implementing, training or explaining the Directive to your colleagues, please let us know and we are here to help.