Supplier to Declare Conflict of Interest

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Procurement/ Payables

According to the BPS Procurement Directive, individuals involved with the Supply Chain Activities must declare actual or potential conflicts of interest. This includes all University employees, faculty, advisors, external consultants and suppliers. 

To ensure the University’s purchasing practices reflect this requirement, effective May 1, 2014, all suppliers who provide goods and/or services to the University are required to declare any Conflict of Interest prior to the award of contracts or purchase orders.

For purchases of total value over $100,000, suppliers are required to provide documentation to declare Conflict of Interest. Specifically, for purchases made through a competitive bidding process, suppliers will be required to provide a Conflict of Interest Statement as part of their submissions. For purchases made through single source/sole source, suppliers will be required to provide a Supplier Conflict of Interest Statement, which must be received by Purchasing Services or the particular purchasing centres prior to awarding contracts or purchase orders.

It is highly recommended that individuals who are in the process of making any single source/sole source purchases over $100,000 request suppliers to submit the completed form prior to making any purchase decisions or contract commitments.

The Supplier Conflict of Interest Statement can be found on Purchasing Services Forms web page.