IMPORTANT: Financial Services Oracle System Upgrade Information

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Controller's Office

***Please read the following in its entirety***


Financial Services – Oracle Systems Upgrade Project


In order to remain compliant and supported by Oracle (our financial systems vendor), it is necessary to upgrade our Financial Systems to the latest release of the Oracle E-business Suite.



The target date for this upgrade will be from the evening of Thursday, February 20 to Monday, February 24, 2020.  The system should be available for field users starting Tuesday, February 25, 2020.


How will I be affected?

While most users will not be dramatically affected by the upgrade, the Oracle System will be down during the upgrade and not accessible by any of the users during the upgrade period of February 20-24, 2020. This means that field users will not be able to complete any of the following:

  1. Upload ADI Journals
  2. Enter and/or approve iProcurement Requisitions
  3. Enter Expense Claims (ECS)
  4. Upload System Interfaces


Please note, there will be no processing of invoices, payments, advance payments, and/or purchase orders during this time (February 20-24, 2020) as well.


The FRS system will be available during the upgrade period, except for Thursday February 20th at 4pm to Friday February 21st at 10am. There may be brief times when the system is slow due to the upgrade. The data in FRS will be updated Wednesday February 19th, 2020 and then not again until after the upgrade.


After the upgrade, there will be some additional activities that some users will be required to perform. The following project representatives may be sending out subsequent communications outlining the tasks involved to those affected.



Area Affected

Contact Person


Controller’s Office

Journal Entries


Kim O’Brien




Lisa Li-Shack


Payment Services

Expense Claims

Yolanda Yu


Research Financial Services

Grant Admin

Asif Momin





Eric Hinse

Brenda Reynolds



Budget Office

Budget Journal & Position Entries

Cynthia Light



Due to the upgrade CCS has stated that the version of Java on computers must be upgraded to Java 8 221 32-bit.  Managed Desktop clients will have this automatically pushed to their machines beginning at 4:30 on Monday February 24th.  Please ensure your computer is left on before you leave on Monday to allow for this process to happen.

Those that are not part of Managed Desktop will need to reach out to their IT support letting them know of this new requirement. 


*Please do not install this version prior to the upgrade.*


All users will not be able to login to the system with their current password upon the system resuming. Users must reset their password by clicking The Login Assistance, Forget Password link.  If user login fails 3 consecutive times, your account will be locked and you have to contact your system administrator (Kim O’Brien 52587 or Lynne Harbin 58482) to reset the password.


EBS Users

  1. Need a new link to Oracle (CCS will provide the link)


ADI Users

  1. ADI uploads will be unavailable starting Feb 20th at 1:00 PM
  2. New ADI template – old template will no longer work, go to website to download new one and follow the links to ADI



  1. For SMC suppliers who use Online portal to submit invoices:  online portal will be unavailable starting Feb 20th at 4:00 PM.  The portal is scheduled to resume on Feb 25th. If it’s back earlier, we will let you know.
  2. Need a new link to Oracle on iProcurement website (CCS will provide the link)


Payment Services

  1. Special payment requests expected to be paid before the upgrade should be sent to Payment Service as early as possible. The deadline will be end of day Feb 18th (Tuesday). For any rush payment requests coming after Feb 18th, Payment Services will make the best effort to process before the upgrade happens. However, it cannot be guaranteed.


Treasury Operations Services

  1. All normal processes for Revenue Remittance Vouchers (“RRVs”) are still to be followed, including cash limits, and as such please bring RRVs to Treasury as normal. The processing of RRV’s will be completed once the Oracle E-business suite is functional. Please contact Treasury if your department has urgent items for any close processes prior to the normal month-end.
  2. There will be no processing of General Accounts Receivable (GARS) Invoices, however invoices are to be forwarded or dropped off at Treasury Operations as usual for entry after the upgrade.
  3. Field Users with the ability to view General Accounts Receivable activity will be unable to do so until after the upgrade.