New Option for claiming Per Diems Outside of Canada

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Procurement/ Payables

To simplify claiming of per diem allowances on expense claims for travel outside of Canada, you may now claim your USA or International per diem allowance in CAD. 

Normally when claiming the USA or International per diem allowance in USD you are expected to provide the appropriate OANDA (or equivalent) printout to support the exchange rate used. Should you choose to claim the USA or international per diem allowance in CAD you do not have to provide the exchange rate information.

The following table summarizes the per diem allowance, which covers meals and incidental expenses:

  In Canada USA or International USA or International
Breakfast $10.00 CAD         $12.00 CAD $10.00 USD
Lunch  $15.00 CAD         $17.00 CAD $15.00 USD
Dinner $35.00 CAD        $41.00 CAD  $35.00 USD
Total Daily Allowance $60.00 CAD         $70.00 CAD $60.00 USD

See the Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedure for more detailed information.