Returned Requisitions

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A requisition may be returned for various reasons.  Every time when a requisition is returned, the requisitioner will receive an email from the buyer providing detailed information why the requisition is returned. Check the email. If the information in the email is not clear to you, contact the buyer.

Some of the most common reasons for requisition returns are:

  • Missing backup document such as quote(s) or Single/Sole Source
    Please do not send these documents via email.  We require all back up documentation being attached with the requisition.
  • Didn’t select a proper P-site
    All iProcurement supplier sites should begin with “P”. If the site you use is not a P- site or is not set up in the system, stop the requisition process, email to have the site revised to P-site or set up, then resume the requisition process.  Refer to the Supplier Set Up and Change Request section for details.
  • Didn’t select a proper Ship-To address
    All Ship-To address should begin with four digit unit number followed by a sequence number, such as 1234-01.  Correct Ship-To address not only ensures the supplier ship your order to the correct receiving address, but also that your department receives a copy of the PO and the DDR.
  • Items with different taxes being entered in the same line
    Every PO line can only be applied with one tax treatment.  If different items are taxed differently, they have to be entered in different lines.  For example:  professional services are HST taxable.  Reimbursed travel expenses are tax exempt.  If one requisition has both items, they must be entered on two different lines.