Revising Existing POs

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Requisitioners can submit email requests to the buyer for the following types of Order Change:

  • Order Cancellation
  • Order Amount Decrease
  • Order Amount Increase Below $3000

For order amount increase over $3000, a new requisition is required. Requisitioners should indicate, in Notes to Buyer section, you would like to add the requisition to the existing PO and what the PO number is.

To change the GL coding on an existing HVPO:

  1. contact the buyer who issued the PO
  2. The open line with old GL coding would be cancelled and returned to the requisitioner
  3. Requisitioner revise the requisition with new GL coding and re-submit
  4. The re-submitted requisition will become a new line under the same PO

If invoices have been paid against a HVPO, Purchasing can only change the GL coding for the balance that hasn't been paid. 

If you need to change the GL Coding for the payments already been made, department can do journal entry to correct the coding. Alternatively, contact Payment Services to request to have all invoices paid against the HVPO unmatched, then follow the above process to have the GL coding on the PO changed, and at last request Payment Services to rematch all paid invoices against the new PO line.  Due to the workload involved in this process, it is only recommended when there is a specific reason we do not want to use journal entries to correct the codings.

For all PO change requests, requisitioners should make sure sufficient supporting documents are provided to the buyer.