Supporting Documents for Requisitions

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For Requisitions for New POs:


Requisition Scenario Where Attachments Are Required

Written Quote(s) Supplier is selected from quote(s) based on purchasing thresholds

Justification for Supplier Selection

Supplier is selected from multiple quotes,
The selected supplier is not the lowest price offerer

Document to Support a Missing Quote such as Supplier’s Email or Manufacturer’s Email

Supplier is selected from multiple quotes,
A quote is missing due to reasons such as a supplier declines to quote or limited number of suppliers 

Non-Competitive Procurement Justification

Supplier is selected in accordance with a non-competitive procurement provision,
Order is over $9,999

Supplier’s Final Quote
RFX Number in Notes to Buyer

Supplier is selected from a RFX process
Supplier Verification of Compliance Form (SVC)

Apparel orders,
Supplier is not listed on  DHR website

Supplier Conflict of Interest Form

Total order is over $99,999 and supplier is not selected from a RFX process, 
There is a known or perceived conflict of interest between the suppliers and the university personnel involved in the purchasing process

Relationship Questionnaire Services provided by an individual or an owner operated business (sole proprietorship)
Standalone Agreement/Contract Separate agreements or contracts have been signed or will be signed for the purchase
Radioactive Permit Number in Item Description Radioactive material purchases

AUP number in Item Description 

Live animal (vertebrates) purchases

For Requisitions Revising Existing POs:

Attachments Requisition Scenario Where Attachments Are Required
Existing PO number in Notes to Buyer
Supporting Quote 
All requisitions revising an existing PO
Are signatures on original documents sufficient for the new value?
If no, documents need to be refreshed with signatures from required authority and resubmitted 

Revise an existing PO
The value of the PO exceeds a purchasing threshold after the revision

Non-Competitive Procurement Justification Original blanket PO covering a period of time, revise it by extending original term