What Happens After Requisition Submission

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Once a requisition is submitted, it automatically goes into the queue for the specified buyer.  The buyer will review all information submitted with the requisition to determine if all required supporting documents are present and if all information on the requisition is complete and correct.  The buyer will contact the requisitioner within 24 to 48 business hours if we require further information or if we have any questions.  If information on the requisition is incomplete or incorrect, the buyer will return the requisition to the originator for revise or completion.

When all requirements for processing the PO are met, the buyer will process the requisition into a purchase order.  Once the order is issued in Oracle system, a copy of the PO and the Distribution Detail Report (DDR) will be emailed to the following parties:

  • the requisitioner
  • the department organizational email associated with ship-to location code
  • the buyer
  • the supplier (if no email on file, the PO will be faxed to the supplier)

Where buyer has all the information required, the normal processing time for a requisition to be turned into a PO is 24 to 48 business hours.  However, this time may vary during high volume periods.