Food Programs

Female student in lab coat looks at her computer, overlay of juice bottles on manufacturing line

Chef isn’t the only career for food-lovers.

Scientists and CEOs create as many food trends as chefs. The University of Guelph offers a suite of food-focused degrees that match any interest: science, business, trade, product development, food security and production. Pursue your specific interests, and access career options all over the world. 

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*Collaborative interdepartmental programs within the University of Guelph.

What Students are Saying

"Guelph is well-known for their food science program, so my decision wasn’t that hard to make. But I also wanted a break from the loud, busy city life (I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life), so Guelph seemed like a good institution where I could study and create a new life at." - Victoria Huynh, food science student

Head shot of Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh
Food Science
Head shot of Shing-Tia.
Shing-Tian Ma
Food Industry Management

Reasons to Choose U of G

Join a dynamic industry.

Careers in the food industry are in demand. Our graduates become leaders in the sector and are well-equipped for flexible career options.

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Create unique food products.

Students develop and market their own food products, while working with industry partners in the Food Product Development course.

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Access funding support. 

OAC offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, awards and travel grants. In 2020, 687 student awards were given out totaling over $1.5 million!

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