Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (B.A.S.)

Admission Requirements

Program Benefits

 Flexible Learning Approach

Access learning and experiences from the best of both sciences and humanities & social sciences.

 National Recognition and Innovation

Study at one of Canada’s top fifteen universities (ARWU, 2021).

 Access Community Support

Gain access to the university’s resources and student support in a close-knit, diverse community.

 Learn From The Best

Build new skills and hands-on experiences by learning from accomplished experts in their fields.

Career Pathways

Especially after the pandemic, the working world has changed significantly. The Bachelor of Arts & Sciences equips you with the skills and experiences to adapt and excel with it. This new world requires flexible, adaptive, and innovative solutions, and our graduates are in demand accordingly as problem-solvers across a variety of fields.

Just a few career paths our graduates successfully pursue:

  • Chemistry and Art History – a career in art restoration
  • Computing and Psychology – a career in user experience design
  • Ecology and International Development Studies – a career in environmental policy analysis
  • Physics and Theatre Studies – a career in theatre lighting and sound technology
  • Zoology and English – a career in science communications

This degree also prepares you to enter professional or technical programs such as:

  • Medical or law school
  • Scientific journalism
  • Architecture
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech pathology
  • Education
  • Photography
  • Library science

Some of our graduates go on to become doctors, lawyers, environmentalists, therapists, veterinarians, and some pursue graduate programs in both art and science. Other options may include further education in multidisciplinary graduate programs such as Interdisciplinary Studies or Environmental Studies. The future is rapidly changing; this degree helps prepare you with the skills to adapt to it.

Cypress Marchesseau, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

 I wanted to explore neuroscience but I didn’t want to commit to a science program. BAS was perfect! After I finish my program at U of G, I plan to do a Master’s degree and a PhD... to eventually teach at university.  

Cypress Marchesseau
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Why Bachelor of Arts & Sciences?

If you’re as interested in the study of Social Sciences and Humanities as the Sciences, our Bachelor of Arts and Science program is made for you. It’s the ideal program if you are excited about strategic thinking and studying the intricate connections between social and scientific complexities in an ever-changing world.

The program takes an interdisciplinary approach; You will study both arts and sciences in equal measure, specializing in one science and one arts subject, and becoming confident in both. Your core arts and science courses will teach you to connect both disciplines, tackle complex societal issues, and succeed in any career path you choose. There are also interdisciplinary courses that specifically address a range of historical and current topics from various disciplinary perspectives.

The core courses in the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences program are called ASCI (Arts and Sciences) courses. With them, you’ll build your confidence as a speaker, writer, and researcher, and you’ll learn to integrate material across disciplines. Your Arts & Sciences degree will equip you with the skills and experience for a flexible, successful career in a variety of sectors.

Program Statistics

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS)
Specialized Minors
in student satisfaction - Maclean's Canadian Comprehensive University Rankings 2020
2 Minors
UNLIMITED possibilities

Program Information

1Indigenous Language and CultureINDG*11000.50
1Introduction to PsychologyPSYC*10000.50


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