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Being a Good Neighbour

Students living off campus in the City of Guelph live among permanent Guelph residents.   Guelph doesn’t have one specific neighbourhood where students live   All of this means that as a student, you are like living in a mixed neighbourhood that includes UofG alumni, families, and elderly people. The following tips to successful neighbourhood living off campus have been compiled by neighbours who live near students.

  1. Be mindful of noise
    Remember you are in a neighbourhood where residents have schedules for work, children's bedtimes, and family time. Be aware that extraneous noise such as yelling, behaviours associated with outdoor partying, and traffic late at night can be problematic for families. 
  2. Be polite
    If neighbours ask something reasonable of you, such as reducing noise or not parking on the sidewalk, be polite. Accept that there are rules around living in a neighbourhood and you are not exempt from following them.
  3. Keep the property clean
    Dispose of waste properly. Learn about sorting your garbage, sign up for waste collection day reminders through the city's app, and be responsible with disposal of garbage

    Maintain the outside of your property - this includes cutting the grass and shovelling the snow. If your landlord is responsible for this, send them a reminder when it needs to be done

    Keep your yard free of garbage so everyone can enjoy the neighbourhood. Keep your bottles and cans inside your home rather than outside and take them back to the beer store or recycle appropriately.
  4. Know the rules
    Know the rules around parking in the City of Guelph and stick to them. Learn more about parking.

    Understand the City's bylaws and rules about lodging houses and fire regulations, and reach out to city resources if you need support.

    Remember that outdoor fires are not allowed in the City of Guelph.
  5. Communicate with your landlord
    Make sure you know your landlord's name and contact information for safety reasons 
Neighbours talking