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Rental Living Resources

The experience of being a tenant or landlord sometimes has a few bumps in the road. Use this page as a resource for lease reviews, what to look for in a rental, rental prices, and more. Question? Contact us!

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Coordinator, Neighbourhood Relations & Off-Campus Living
Student Experience - Off-Campus Living
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Rental Listings for Students, Faculty, and Staff

To find rental listings for students, faculty, and staff near the University of Guelph, search our rental listing website at  

  • Students:  if you are a student, you can post a sublet with for FREE or use the Roommate Finder for FREE- visit the student registration page for access.​
  • Landlords:  promote your rental to UofG students, faculty, and staff by listing with Places4Students. Visit the Places4Students webpage for landlords to create a profile or call 1-866-766-0767 to speak with a customer service representative.

Please Note: The following rental resources apply to you if you do not share a kitchen and/or bathroom with your landlord or their immediate family member. If you do live with your landlord or their family member, you are not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act. Please visit the Living In Your Landlord's Home page for further information and resources regarding this rental situation, including sample agreements.


Rental Resources

From sample leases to workshops to housing fairs and more, our Rental Resources will guide you in the right direction during your tenant and landlord experiences.

Lease Reviews & Samples

Signing a lease may be one of the first legal contracts you ever sign. With that in mind, it is important to know what you are signing and that all of the terms are legitimate. Our staff and Peer Helpers offer free lease reviews where we sit down with you one-to-one to review the elements of your lease.  So, drop by Off-Campus Living to get your lease reviewed, as well as any edits or addendums to the Province's standardized lease. 

Did someone say damage deposit.. hey, that's illegal under the Residential Tenancies Act! You should come in for a lease review!

Read more about different types of leases and contact the Off-Campus Living Advisor to receive samples to help get you started.

This agreement applies if the accommodation is self-contained with a private kitchen and private bathroom. In this case the house or apartment will be covered under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).

As of April 30, 2018, rental situations covered by the RTA require the landlord and tenant to use a single standardized lease provided by the Province of Ontario.  If you signed a lease before April 30, 2018 then that lease stands, with the exception of clauses that violate the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).   

If you are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, this Information for New Tenants webpage  from the Landlord and Tenant Board applies to you.

This agreement applies if a roomer is living with a homeowner, or a member of the homeowner's immediate family, and sharing a kitchen and/or a bathroom with the homeowner. In this case there is no coverage under the Residential Tenancies Act. This usually applies to rooms in private homes or some shared houses where the son or daughter of the homeowner resides in the rental accommodation with you. Find sample agreements and additional resources on our Renting a Room page.

If you sublet your room, the original lease agreement signed between you and your landlord is still valid, meaning you are still responsible to your landlord for the rent, any damages incurred by your sub-tenant and any noise complaints, garbage etc. until the end of the agreement. The sublet agreement signed between you and the sub-tenant is separate from the lease, but is just as legally binding. You basically become their landlord. The tenant should never make an agreement with the sub-tenant that lasts longer than their original lease agreement and the rent charged to the sub-tenant cannot exceed that charged by the landlord to the tenant.

Terms of the sublet agreement should by clear and include: rent price, duration of stay, use of common areas and furniture, and price of utilities. A copy of the lease signed between the landlord and the original tenant should also be given to the subtenant along with the sublet agreement. Subletters are responsible to the tenant for paying rent, abiding by the terms of the sublease and reporting maintenance and repairs to either their landlord (the tenant) or the original landlord.

A Housemate Agreement is a contract entered into by tenants of a residency that establishes rules and guidelines for financial and household responsibilities, along with other topics that often arise during housemate visits to Off-Campus Living. 

Rental Viewing Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to help you find the most suitable accommodation.

  • Make sure that the unit you are viewing is the one you will be renting.
  • Please remember that you will be living in the accommodation you choose every day for the term of the lease.  The place where you live will have an impact on your sense of well-being, which will also influence your studies and your university life in general.
  • Ask the current tenants what the house is really like.
  • Contact the gas and electric companies to determine the average cost of utilities for the accommodation you are considering.
  • It is always best to have your rental agreement in writing.
  • Check with an insurance company about providing insurance for your belongings.

  • Do you feel comfortable with the neighbourhood?
  • Are there adequate locks to provide security?
  • Are there smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? Are they working?
  • Are there accessible and barrier-free fire escape routes?
  • Does every bedroom have a window large enough to use as an escape in the case of an emergency?
  • When there are more than 4 bedrooms, does the landlord have a lodging house license?
  • Is the accommodation clean/spacious/well lit/adequately heated/ properly ventilated?
  • Will you have direct control over your heating?
  • Will cleaning/painting of the unit be arranged before you move in?
  • To what extent may you paint or decorate your accommodation?
  • Is the plumbing and water pressure adequate and in good working order?
  • What appliances are provided? Are they in good working order?
  • If laundry facilities are not available, where is the closest laundromat?
  • Is there a closet in each bedroom?
  • Is there adequate storage space for your belongings? Can these be locked? Who else might have access?
  • Will there be enough off-street parking available?  Is the accommodation near a bus stop?
  • Is bicycle storage available?
  • Are you expected to pay extra for utilities, cable TV, internet or parking? If so, how much?
  • If you will be sharing: Are there adequate bathroom/cooking facilities for everyone to use during peak times? Do you have full kitchen/bathroom privileges?
  • Is it as quiet as you require?

Rental Prices

Rental prices in the City of Guelph vary based on the size of the unit, the number of bedrooms, amenities, and whether or not utilities like heat and hydro are included.

Price Guide (Per Bedroom / Month)
  • One bedroom or studio basement apartment:  $950 - $2,500
    • Average: $1,620
    • Median: $1,500
  • Two Bedroom: $799 - $2,200 
    • Average: $1.090
    • Median: $1,000
  • Three Bedroom: $650 - $1,200
    • Average: $874
    • Median: $870
  • Four Bedroom: $635 - $1050
    • Average: $804
    • Median: $825
  • Five Bedroom: $600 - $1,300
    • Average: $923
    • Median: $900
  • Six Bedroom: $500 - $1000
    • Average: $836
    • Median: $895
  • Seven Bedroom: $750 - $925
    • Average: $846
    • Median: $875

Workshops & Events

We provide student tenants and landlords with resources and skill-building opportunities to be successful in the rental housing experience. From community events like Right Foot Forward, to finding a place through the Rental Housing Fair, to workshops on living off campus, tenant rights, and the student rental market. To learn more about our current workshop offerings, visit us on GryphLife.

Peer Helpers at Rental Housing Fair

Rental Housing Fair

We host housing fair events each year.  This is a great opportunity to check in with landlords about what they have for rent - all at one time, in one place!  Keep up-to-date on GryphLife to find out event details.

Project Serve

Right Foot Forward

Each September, as part of Project Serve, Off-Campus Living teams up with with volunteers and staff, including  City of Guelph, Guelph Police, Guelph Fire Fighters, neighbourhood residents, students, and University representatives to welcome students into off-campus neighbourhoods and share information with them about life in Guelph.