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Who To Call

It can be tough to know exactly who to call when you spot something in the community. Do I call the police? Bylaw? Someone else? This handy list should help you figure out where exactly to direct your call, so you can get the answers and support you’re looking for.

Person covering ears with pillows.

Noise, loud parties, alcohol on street, nuisance parties - Call Guelph Police: 519-824-1212. Calls are responded to in a priority sequence.

Garbage bins overflowing with garbage.

Property issues, trees, water restrictions, long unkept grass, litter - Call Bylaw: 519-834-2529. The City responds to litter issues Monday to Friday.

Vehicle parking infractions, idling - Call Bylaw: 519-837-2529. Please leave a message for the Bylaw staff. Bylaw officers are driving or investigating other calls.

Animals in distress, stoop and scoop - Call Guelph Humane Society: 519-824-3091

Outdoor recreational fires and fireworks - Call Guelph Fire Department: 519-763-8111