Metabolomics is the profiling of small molecules (<1500 Da) of a given sample at a specific time. Metabolites can be endogenous or exogenous, involved in primary or secondary metabolism. Untargeted metabolomics requires matrix and general target dependent sample extraction performed by user in advance. Data analysis is also specialized, MSF has a license for the Agilent Mass Profile Professional software there is also free software available. Access and training on MPP is available for a fee. Helpful references:

Plant metabolomics

Metabolomics considerations

Metabolomics overview

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Metabolomics Decision Tree

Workflow for protein identification.Proteins are extracted and can be fractionaled,enriched or separated on a gel followed by digestion with protease into small peptides between 8 and 30 aminoacids. These peptides can first be enriched or fractionaled followed by a clean-up and then separated using chromatography and detected by mass spectrometry and fragmented. The data is then analyzed using Peaks 10.0 software and compared to protein databases which leads to protein identification.