Molecular and Cellular Imaging Equipment


Image of a Denton DCP-1 preparing SEM samples

The Denton DCP-1 is a Critical Point Dryer for preparing SEM samples.

Image of a Denton Vacuum Desk V thin film deposition solution

The Denton Desk V TSC is a high resolution unit suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals.

Image of a white Leica HPM100 ancillary machine prepared with aqueous specimens ready for freezing

The Leica EM HPM100 High Pressure Freezer is used for freezing aqueous specimens

Flow Cytometry

Picture of a Biosafety cabinet with the Sony Cell Sorter i it, also showing the compressor, the liquids cart of the instrument, and the computer

The SH800Z cell sorter permits sorting of a wide range of cell sizes and applications into tubes or well-plates. It is equipped with 4 lasers and 6 fluorescence as well as 2 scatter detectors. The custom BCC300AMS Class II biosafety cabinet provides protection for personnel and products.


Electron Microscopes

An image of a white Quanta FEG 250 SEM connected to a computer

A versatile, high-performance instrument with three modes (high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM) to image a wide range of samples, with or without preparation. Equipped with a Quorum PP3010 Cryo-Unit to freeze, fracture, etch and sputter coat temperature sensitive samples.

Image of a grey Tecnai G2 F20 beside two white monitors and two control pads

A 200kV field emission TEM that is used for cryo-temperature, low dose operation and atomic resolution.

Optical Microscopes

Image of a CLSM SP5 confocal microscope to the right of a desk with three white monitors on top

An upright Leica DM 6000B microscope connected to a Leica TCS SP5 system with 8 visible laser excitations and a Radius 405 nm laser.

Image of a white inverted Leica DMi8 microscope connected to a black Quorum Diskovery Spinning Disk system

Image acquisition with Volocity for regular confocal imaging and with MetaMorph for Super-resolution.

Picture of the white Cytation system, cennected to a computer and with a CO2 control on top

The Agilent BioTek Cytation C10 confocal imaging reader combines automated confocal and widefield microscopy with conventional multimode microplate reading. It gives exquisite resolution and optical sectioning capabilities for many sample types.

A picture of the Nikon Eclipse Ti2 inverted microscope with accessory equipment and computer

The inverted Nikon Eclipse Ti2 microscope, equipped with a high precision encoded stage and Perfect Focus System is specifically designed for automated acquisition of large image files, and fast ratiometric imaging.

A picture of the Zeiss Axiozoom stereo microscope with accessory equipment and computer

The Zeiss Axiozoom V.16 combines a 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture lens. It is capable of bright field colour imaging and fluorescence imaging of large fields or multiple samples.

Image of the Leica DM 5000B microscope and accessory equipment

An upright Leica DM 5000B connected to a Hamamatsu Orca-Flash4.0 digital camera and Volocity™ imaging software.