Molecular and Cellular Imaging Equipment


Image of a Denton DCP-1 preparing SEM samples

The Denton DCP-1 is a Critical Point Dryer for preparing SEM samples.

Image of a Denton Vacuum Desk V thin film deposition solution

The Denton Desk V TSC is a high resolution unit suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals.

Image of a white Leica HPM100 ancillary machine prepared with aqueous specimens ready for freezing

The Leica EM HPM100 High Pressure Freezer is used for freezing aqueous specimens

Electron Microscopes

An image of a white Quanta FEG 250 SEM connected to a computer

A versatile, high-performance instrument with three modes (high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM) to image a wide range of samples, with or without preparation. Equipped with a Quorum PP3010 Cryo-Unit to freeze, fracture, etch and sputter coat temperature sensitive samples.

Image of a grey Tecnai G2 F20 beside two white monitors and two control pads

A 200kV field emission TEM that is used for cryo-temperature, low dose operation and atomic resolution.

Image of a white CM10 connected to an grey Edax Sapphire x-ray detector

Includes an Edax Sapphire x-ray detector and a top mount SIS/Olympus Morada 11 megapixel CCD camera

Optical Microscopes

Image of a CLSM SP5 confocal microscope to the right of a desk with three white monitors on top

An upright Leica DM 6000B microscope connected to a Leica TCS SP5 system with 8 visible laser excitations and a Radius 405 nm laser.

Image of a white inverted Leica DMi8 microscope connected to a black Quorum Diskovery Spinning Disk system

Image acquisition with Volocity for regular confocal imaging and with MetaMorph for Super-resolution.

Picture of a white Leica DM RE microscope connected to a white Leica TCS SP2 system with two monitors

An upright Leica DM RE microscope connected to a Leica TCS SP2 system with 3 different visible light lasers, covering 6 excitation wavelengths.

A picture of the Nikon Eclipse Ti2 inverted microscope with accessory equipment and computer

The inverted Nikon Eclipse Ti2 microscope, equipped with a high precision encoded stage and Perfect Focus System is specifically designed for automated acquisition of large image files, and fast ratiometric imaging.

A picture of the Zeiss Axiozoom stereo microscope with accessory equipment and computer

The Zeiss Axiozoom V.16 combines a 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture lens. It is capable of bright field colour imaging and fluorescence imaging of large fields or multiple samples.

An upright Leica DM 5000B connected to a Hamamatsu Orca-Flash4.0 digital camera and Volocity™ imaging software.