Molecular and Cellular Imaging Fees

The following listed fees are for University of Guelph users and subject to change without notice. These fees do include technical assistance by staff unless stated otherwise. They do not include costs associated with consumables.

Facility staff also provides consultation on advanced imaging techniques and method development. MCIF offers discounts for clients with significant usage and/or involvement in the advancement of the facility.

Please contact facility staff to inquire about external academic and corporate fees and discounts available.

* Unsupervised use: Users must have preliminary training sessions and demonstrate their ability to operate all of the equipment properly and safely before any unsupervised work can be performed.

Ancillary Services

Service Internal UoG Price (CAD$)
Embedding $58/sample
Sectioning, staining $58/hour
SEM sample Preparation - CPD $17/run
SEM sample Preparation - Sputter Coating $37/run
Training SEM use $202/2 hours
Training SEM Sample Preparation $151.50/2 hours
Image Processing by staff $58/hour - EM; $56/hour - LM
Volocity remote image processing Non-Members $8.60/hour; Members - FREE
LM Computer workstation Non-Members $8.60/hour; Members - FREE
Technical assistance $57/hour

Electron Microscopes

Instrument Internal UoG Price (CAD$)
Tecnai G2 F20 (Cryo samples) $68/hour
Tecnai G2 F20 (RT samples) $58/hour
Quanta 250 FESEM $44/hour
CM-10 (RT samples) $52/hour

Light & Confocal Microscopes

Instrument Internal UoG Price (CAD$)
Annual Membership Fee $500.00 (optional)
Quorum Diskovery Spinning Disk Training $67/hr; Assisted $60/hr; Independent Member $26/hr; Independent Non-Member $36/hr
Super-Resolution Please inquire
Leica SP5 CLSM Training: $67/hr; Assisted $60/hr; Independent Member $31/hr; Independent Non-Member $41.10/hr
Leica SP2 CLSM Training: $47/hr; Assisted $58/hr; Independent Member $20.80/hr; Independent Non-Member $31/hr
Nikon Eclipse Ti2 Training: $37/hr; Assisted $56/hr; Independent Member 15.75/hr; Independent Non-Member $26/hr
Zeiss AxioZoom Training: $37/hr; Assisted $56/hr; Independent Member 10.75/hr; Independent Non-Member $20.80/hr
Leica DM 5000B Training: $37/hr; Assisted $56/hr; Independent Member FREE; Independent Non-Member $15.75/hr