Molecular and Cellular Imaging Services

Advanced Light Microscopy

Training on and subsequent independent use of advanced light microscopes.

Assisted use of advanced light microscopes.

Electron Microscopy

Assisted or independent use of electron microscopes.

Flow Cytometry

Data Acquisition

Cell Sorting

Image Processing

  • LASAF - Leica Application Software Advanced Fluorescence
  • Volocity
  • Metamorph
  • NIS Elements
  • Zen 2.6 Blue, ZEN Lite
  • Amira
  • Imod

Sample Preparation

  • High Pressure Freezing
  • Plunge Freezing
  • Freeze Substitution
  • Chemical Fixation
  • Embedding
  • Sectioning
  • Staining
  • Immuno-Labeling 
  • Carbon Coating
  • Plasma Cleaning