Mass Spectrometry Equipment

Image of a Thermo Easy nLC with Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer
  • Proteomics and quantitative proteomics system
  • Quadrupole-Orbitrap technology
Image of a Waters Waters Acquity Synapt G2Si HD mass spectrimeter
  • Hybrid quadrupole-ion mobility-time-of-flight instrument
  • Intact protein MW, peptides digests, small molecules
  • HDX to analyze changes in higher order protein structure.
Image of a grey Agilent LC-UHD Q-Tof machine
  • Ionization - ESI (electrospray ionization)
  • Sample introduction - HPLC with autosampling device
  • Manufacturer - Agilent Technologies
Image of a Bruker EVOQ LC-TQ
  • Small  molecule quantitation in complex matrices
  • Mutiple Reaction Monitoring MRM
  • APCi and ESI ionization
Image of a grey Agilent GC-MS machine
  • Ionization - EI
  • Sample introduction - Autosampler/Manual
  • Sample Separation - GC
  • Manufacturer - Agilent Technologies
Image of a white and black GC Scion TQ displaying its user interface
  • Ionization - EI/CI
  • Sample Introduction - Combi PAL Autosampler liquid, headspace, SPME. Chromatoprobe to volatilize solids.
  • Sample Separation - GC
  • Manufacturer -Bruker Daltonics