Mass Spectrometry Services

Small Molecule - Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

LC-MS can be used to profile and identify small molecules from a mixture. Idealy in water, ACN, MEOH, volatile buffers. Do not use or limit detergents, DMSO,DMF, high salt, non-volatile buffers or stabilizers.

Submit a minimum of 10 µl 0.1-1 mg/ml (approximately)

Submission form for high resolution LC-MS

Submission form for small molecule MW high res chemical formula confirmation

Equipment Used: Agilent LC-UHD Q-Tof

For More Information: Useful information about sample preparation: Thermo LCMS Sample PreparationCompound identification by MS

Protein ID

Tryptic digest of a simple mixture followed by MS analysis and database search using PEAKS 10 software.

Submission form for Protein ID

Equipment Used: Thermo Easy nLC Orbitrap Exploris 240

For More Information:   See Protein ID page  

Quantitative Proteomics


Identifying and quantitating proteins from a biological samples using protein digestion, peptide separation, protein identification, peptide intensities and statistical analysis.

Please refer to the Quantitative Proteomics page

Submission Form for Quantitative Proteomics


Equipment Used: Thermo Easy nLC Orbitrap Exploris 240

For More Information: See resources at UWPR Assay development and validation

Protein MW Determination

MW determination for Proteins with desalting column. Samples should be in the range of 0.01-5 mg/ml in volatile buffers with minimal salt and no detergents.

Submission form for Protein MW

Equipment Used: Waters Acquity Synapt G2Si HDMS

For More Information: Best practices for intact protein mass spectrometry

Small Molecule - GC-MS Analysis

Analysis of volatiles and semi-volatiles by gas chromatography.

Sample preparation guidelines.

Sample Submission form.

Equipment Used: Agilent GC-MS, Bruker GC Scion TQ

For More Information: Principles of GC-MS

Small Molecule Quantitation

Quantitation of small molecules by LC-MS requiring a pure standard(s), method development and calibration curve(s). This can also include internal standards. Standards must be provided by the cllient.

Quantitation assays are custom projects that require consultation contact

Submission Form for Small Molecule Quantitation

Equipment Used: Bruker EVOQ LC-TQ, Bruker GC Scion TQ

For More Information: Review of method development for small molecule quantitation

Small Molecule - Metabolomics (consult facility)

MSF Presentations on Metabolomics:

Metabolomics Workflows and Considerations

Metabolomics Worflow and Data Integrity


Refer to Metabolomics (2015) 11:851–860 for experimental design.

Software Used: Agilent Mass Profiler Professional

Submission form for metabolomics

Equipment Used: Agilent LC-UHD Q-Tof

For More Information: Best practices and overview