Mass Spectrometry Fees

Agilent LC-UHD Q-Tof

Service Price (CAD$)
HPLC-MS-MS $50/injection
High Resolution small molecule $40/sample
Method development (ie metabolomics) $100/sample (maximum 1 day)
Basic data processing and analysis $20/h (minimum 0.5 hour)
Untargeted metabolomics fees depend on project, contact the Facility


Service Price (CAD$)
MSF column $15/sample
MSF column, operated by user $10/sample (only after training)
Researcher column and operated by user (Note, this must be done in a single block of time) $5/sample (only after training)
Method development $50/sample type (maximum 1 day)
Training $50/person
SPME fiber testing $100/sample

Protein Identification

Service Price (CAD$)
nano-LC-MS-MS $50/sample (0.5 hr run)
Additional data analysis $20/hr
LFQ  Depends on length of run and complexity of sample please contact the Facility


Please note samples must be desalted and quantified to run on the Exploris.

Protein MW

Service Price (CAD$)
Protein MW determination $40/sample 

Detergents and non-volatile buffers must be minimized as much as possible.

Sample Preparation

Service Price (CAD$)
Desalting/clean-up (Ziptip, microcon etc.) $10/sample
In-gel protein digestion $100/sample
In-gel digestion training $100/person
Derivatization for GC-MS $25/sample (contact facility)
Complex protein digestion (lysates, complex mixtures) $40/sample
Digestion hood use $10/sample (reagents included)
BCA assay (protein concentration determination)

$50 flat rate for a limited sample number

Protein extraction and precipitation

rate varies with sample type please contact MSF

Small Molecule Quantitation

Analytical Standards provided by user

Service Price (CAD$)
Method Development $100 (max 1 day)
Calibration curve $50/compound
Sample $40/sample/method