Mass Spectrometry Fees

Agilent LC-UHD Q-Tof

Service Price (CAD$)
HPLC-MS-MS $50/injection
High Resolution small molecule $40/sample
Method development (ie metabolomics) $100/sample (maximum 1 day)
Data processing and analysis $20/h (minimum 0.5 hour)


Service Price (CAD$)
MSF column $15/sample
MSF column, operated by user $10/sample (only after training)
Researcher column and operated by user (Note, this must be done in a single block of time) $5/sample (only after training)
Method development $50/sample type (maximum 1 day)
Training $50/person
SPME fiber testing $100/sample

Protein Identification

Service Price (CAD$)
nano-LC-MS-MS $50/sample (0.5 hr run)
First pass Peaks software ID $20/sample
Additional data analysis $20/hr
LFQ  $100/sample/1 hr run, $15/sample/2 hr run, $200/sample/3 hr run

Please note samples must be desalted and quantified to run on the Exploris.

Protein MW

Service Price (CAD$)
Protein MW determination $40/sample 

Detergents and non-volatile buffers must be minimized as much as possible.

Sample Preparation

Service Price (CAD$)
Desalting (Ziptip, microcon etc.) $10/sample
In-gel protein digestion $100/sample
In-gel digestion training $100/person
Derivatization for GC-MS $25/sample
Complex protein digestion (lysates, complex mixtures) $40/sample
Digestion hood use $10/sample (reagents included)
BCA assay (protein concentration determination) $50 flat rate for a limited sample number
Protein extraction and precipitation rate varies with sample type please contact MSF

Small Molecule Quantitation

Analytical Standards provided by user

Service Price (CAD$)
Method Development $100 (max 1 day)
Calibration curve $50/compound
Sample $40/sample/method