Targeted Quantitative Proteomics MS Methods

Targeted Protein Q MS Methods

These are methods for quantitating a limited number of known proteins with high precision and accuracy in a total protein extract. This method can be particularly useful for low abundance targets.A certain amount of method development/previous data or sample preparation is required regardless of which of these methods are used.

Schematic of PRM Targeted Analysis

Workflow for protein identification.Proteins are extracted and can be fractionaled,enriched or separated on a gel followed by digestion with protease into small peptides between 8 and 30 aminoacids. These peptides can first be enriched or fractionaled followed by a clean-up and then separated using chromatography and detected by mass spectrometry and fragmented. The data is then analyzed using Peaks 10.0 software and compared to protein databases which leads to protein identification.

Discovery-based Quantitative MS methods

Quantitative Proteomics to Label or not to Label

Targeted Quantitative Proteomics MS Methods

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