An upright Leica DM 6000B microscope connected to a Leica TCS SP5 system with 8 visible laser excitations and a Radius 405 nm laser. The system is run by the Leica LAS AF Imaging software.

  • Filter free spectral detector: a spectrophotometer for each detector channel enables the user to design filters, maximize sensitivity, minimize crosstalk and record emission spectra as required, AOBS (acousto-optic beam splitter) for dynamic beam splitting.
  • Microscope: Upright Leica DM 6000B microscope, fully automated, equipped with DIC, bright field and polarisation optics.
  • Leica digital camera: DFC350FX, black and white.
  • Objectives: 20x (Multi-Immersion), 40x (Oil), 63x (Glycerol), 63x (Water).
  • Fluorescence filters: Leica - A (UV), I3 (blue), N2.1 (green)
  • Laser system: Radius: 405 nm; Ar (50 mW): 458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 496 nm, 514 nm; GreenHeNe (1.2 mW): 543 nm; Orange: 594 nm; RedHeNe (10 mW): 633 nm
  • 4 detection channels for fluorescence, 1 detection channel for transmitted light.
  • Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) software (version 2.7.7) for 2D and 3D imaging, Region of Interest (ROI) scanning, and time-lapse imaging, FRAP and FRET applications.