Diskovery Spinning Disk

An inverted Leica DMi8 microscope connected to a Quorum Diskovery Spinning Disk system with Super-resolution capabilities (STORM and PALM). Equipped with UV and two visible light lasers.Image acquisition with Volocity for regular confocal imaging and with MetaMorph for Super-resolution.

  • Microscope: Inverted Leica DMi8 microscope stand with AFC (Adaptive Focus Control) and a fully automated ASI xyz controlled stage (scanning, stitching, multiple points, z-stacks); brightfield and DIC optics
  • Objectives: 10x (Dry), 40x Long Working Distance (LWD, dry), 40x (Oil), 63x (Oil, DIC), 63xTIRF (Oil, NA 1.47)
  • Fluorescence filters: Chroma - ET-DAPI (UV), ET-GFP (blue), ET-Rhodamine (green)
  • Laser system: 405 nm ILE Laser (200 mW), 488 nm ILE Laser (150 mW), 560 nm ILE Laser (150 mW)
  • Confocal filter blocks: ET 525/50M; ET 620/60M, ET600/50M, ET450/50M
  • Fluorescence as well as transmitted light detection
  • Imaging and image processing software: Volocity™ (version 6.3, regular confocal imaging) and Metamorph™ (version, super-resolution imaging)