Leica DM 5000B

An upright Leica DM 5000B connected to a Hamamatsu Orca-Flash4.0 digital camera and Volocity™ imaging software. 

  • Microscope: Upright Leica DM 5000B, piezo drive, equipped with DIC, bright field and epifluorescence optics.
  • Camera: Hamamatsu Orca-Flash4.0, monochrome, optimized for high sensitivity and speed.
  • Objectives: 10x (Dry), 40x (Dry), 63x (Oil, DIC), 20x (water), 40x (water), 63x (water, DIC)
  • Fluorescence filters: Semrock - DAPI (UV), FITC (blue), Texas Red (green); Chroma - Triple Band Filter Set DAPI/FITC/TXRed, Dual Band Filter Sets CFP/YFP and Fura2/BCECF
  • Imaging and image processing software: Volocity™