Cytation C10

  • Objectives (Olympus): 4x BF, 4x Ph, 20x Ph, 40x Ph, 63x
    Widefield Fluorescence: DAPI, GFP, TRITC, CY5
    Confocal: 6-line Laser, filter cubes for DAPI, GFP, TRITC, CY5
    Transmitted light: Brightfield, High Contrast Brightfield (HCBF), Phase Contrast, Colour Brightfield
    Camera: Sony IMX 264 CMOS
    Imaging: 6- to 386-well plates, imaging up to 1536-well plates; slides, chamber well slides
    Temperature control (18-45 ˚C) and CO2 control;
    Gen5 Image+ software (version 3.12) for image acquisition, procedure and experiment design, experiment runs, image pre- and postprocessing, image and data analysis