Welcome to the University of Guelph's Faculty Recruitment site

“We have the opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of individuals, our communities and the world around us. That’s important. That’s exciting. Let us take what is best about the University of Guelph and share it around the world.”
~ President Charlotte A. B. Yates.

When you are building an academic career, you want to be part of an educational institution that values both your unique expertise and your personal aspirations. Many  scholars and researchers have found those qualities at the University of Guelph ― in addition to high-quality and diverse programs, exceptional faculty colleagues, talented students and the academic reputation that make Guelph one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada.

Located in southwestern Ontario about an hour’s drive from Toronto, Guelph is a university with long traditions and ambitious goals. We are leaders in advancing healthy animal and human systems, environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and food and water quality. Few institutions in the world have such a deep understanding of the life sciences or how commerce and culture have impacted our concept of life.

Guelph also has a reputation for excellence in teaching and is the only Canadian university designated as a national centre for advancing supplemental instruction. In the annual University Report Card survey, which appears in the Globe and Mail, students routinely give Guelph “straight A’s” for overall quality of the educational experience and for student services.

All of this makes for a dynamic and exciting academic and learning environment at the University of Guelph.