FARE Laboratory for Experimental and Applied Economics

Experimental and Behavioural Economics for a Sustainable Future

Dr. Tongzhe Li
Dr. Tongzhe Li

Welcome to the FARE Laboratory for Experimental and Applied Economics (FARELab).

We use laboratory and field experiments to explore a wide range of human decision-making. Our current research mainly focuses on innovation adoption and market behaviour in an agri-food-environmental context. Specific topics include nudges, behavioural response to risk and uncertainty, natural resource conservation, provision of public goods, and novel food consumption.

The FARELab has 35 high power tablets that are equipped to be ready for controlled experiments in the lab and field. This mobility feature allows the research team to investigate economic and policy questions in various contexts.





Director's Statement:

I am passionate about research that combines economic theory and behavioural approaches. My current projects focus on innovation adoption, environmental and resourse economics, consumer behaviour, and food policy. In addition, I am deeply interested in studying social comparison and discrimination issues.

At FARE Lab, we welcome collaboration from scholars all over the world, we appreciate funders who enable and empower our research projects, and we encourage students who are interested in economics research to contact us.