Money and Cash Handling

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Front Counter Service

To better serve all our customers and streamline the process time at the Front Counter (located on the 4th Floor University Centre), for your Revenue Remittance Voucher (RRV) deposit we suggest the following:

  • If your RRV includes Cash: while you are at the counter, we will count and verify the cash and initial your copy of the RRV.
  • For non cash RRV's: please put them in the tray on the Front Counter marked RRV's and they will be receipted and a copy of the receipt will be emailed automatically to your Department Contact.  Time permitting, we do have the ability to receipt and print your deposit at the Front Counter if you wish to wait.
  • The subject heading of the receipt email contains the following information:
    • 6 Digit Document Number/
    • Department Name or Source code/
    • And text that identifies that this is an RRV Receipt; From Treasury Operations.
  • Click on the links to view a sample email and the Treasury Operations Receipt.

For your information; the Front Counter also administers the following:

  • Wire payments to domestic & overseas vendors.
  • Student Payments & Direct Payments received electronically to the institutions bank accounts. Process & distribute ~1,500 payments (EFT & cheques) weekly
  • Promotes & administer the switch from Cheque to EFT for UofG vendors & employees.
  • Petty Cash Replenishment to 120 stations across campus. 
  • Pick up of GARS Invoice and Receipt Books

Front Counter Hours of Operation:

Open at 8:30 AM and close for deposits @ 4:00 PM. If your deposit is large, please come to the front counter by 3:30 PM or earlier, to allow enough time to verify and process the deposit.