Web Based Order & E-commerce Payments Process

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If a department is interested in setting up a web based site that will enable customers to order and pay on-line for a department’s goods and/or services the following is an overview of the steps required:

1 Department conducts a feasibility study (with the assistance of a Technical Consultant) to determine the requirements in developing a Web based site/shopping basket and the costs and benefits involved.  The Department obtains the appropriate approval from the Chair, Director & or Dean and to facilitate the project a Project Leader is normally assigned.

2 A Global Payments merchant number is first required. Contact the Treasury Officer at ext: 58390 to arrange the setup of the new merchant number. Provide the following information:

  • Name and address of Department
  • Contact name and telephone number
  • General ledger coding for monthly merchant fees
  • Approximate annual revenue expected showing $ value for both Visa and MasterCard
  • Approximate single ticket $ value

3 Once the Global merchant number has been assigned to the Department, the next step is to contact Mirapay/Eigen who is a third party provider for the secure credit card processing web payment site. They can be reached at mirapay-support@eigendev.com , web address is mirapay.com or by calling; 604 736 1066 (Vancouver time).  For more information on Mirapay/Eigen please refer to their web-site at https://ws2.eigendev.com/mira/index.php . Using Mirapay/Eigen protects the University in e-commerce transactions as credit card processing is done outside of the University’s systems.

4 The costs associated with Global payments and Mirapay / Eigen include; 

Mirapay/Eigen e-commerce fees include a one time merchant setup fee, monthly fee and a fee per transaction. Contact the Treasury Officer at ext: 58390 for more details.  These fees are billed direct to the department by way of invoice.  

Global Payments Visa and MasterCard discount fee are invoiced to Treasury Operations and these charges are typically billed monthly back to the Department by way of journal entry.  Current cost of terminal rental, Visa & MasterCard fees etc: See section 1.9 of the Overview. 

5 As part of the Mirapay/Eigen setup process, they can provide the following documents directly to your Department:

6 The Going Live Request form is to be completed by the Department (Project’s Lead or Technical Consultant) and then sent directly to Mirapay/Eigen.

7 The Customer Information area of the Service Level Agreement is to be completed by the Department and sent to the Treasury Officer at ext: 58390 for authorization and final submission to Mirapay/Eigen.

8 Once the web shopping basket development is complete and tested and working via the Mirapay/Eigen interface, credit card payment testing is required before the Department can go live with Web site. 

9 To complete the web payment testing, it is imperative to contact the Treasury Officer at ext: 58390 who monitors the web based payments for this bank account.  They will advise the details on the payment testing required.  The credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard. 

Additional Testing  - Prior to Going Live:

10 Prior to going live a full process cycle covering the order, credit card payment(s) and bank deposits must be tested. This test cycle often takes approximately 5 days of elapsed time; from the point at which the test order is placed, credit card authorization to the final deposit of the funds to the University’s bank account. Please plan accordingly prior to your Go-Live date.

11 The following credit card test payments are required.

  • Department to go into new web site and place a ‘test’ order
  • Complete an order for both Visa and MasterCard (normally for $1 each for testing)
  • On a separate day process a refund for less than the order amount.
  • Let the Treasury Officer at ext: 58390 know that you have submitted a payment for both Visa and MasterCard and the amount.
  • This cycle can take 2-3 banking days, please plan accordingly.
  • Once the deposit is verified in the bank, your Department will be notified that testing was successful.

Final Approval to Go Live for the merchant card payment process rests with Treasury Operations.  This approval is based on the success of the testing and the provision of a complete payment audit trail.

12 To complete the deposit for submission to Treasury Operations the following is required.

  • Print End-of-Day (EOD) Transaction Report from Mirapay/Eigen site
  • EOD report for the day is to be attached to your RRV and given to the Revenue Control Front Counter Staff for receipting and coding to the appropriate Department 
  • The Treasury Coordinator confirms that the web payments are in the University of Guelph’s bank account prior to the RRV being entered into Oracle Financials.

13 For further information refer to the following:

For information on making a deposit to Treasury Operations refer to http://www.fin.uoguelph.ca/uploadFiles/5101.pdf  

For Mirapay/Eigen Frequently Asked Questions refer to https://ws2.eigendev.com/mira/index.php