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For Insurance Office FAQs

What do I do if I am in an accident?

Never admit liability. If you do, you may be prejudicing the insurer's position. File a claim form immediately or as soon as is reasonably possible.


Who do I report the accident to?

Report an accident immediately or as soon as resonably possible to the Insurance Office.

Is my personal property covered?

No. You are responsible for your own property. You may be able to seek compensation from your home insurer.

Who is permitted to drive University owned vehicles?

Only qualified drivers that have a current and valid/unrestricted drivers licence who have filled out the "Terms and Conditions Agreement Form".

When can a University owned vehicle be used?

University vehicles are to be used for University business ONLY. The vehicles are NOT to be used for any personal purposes.

Do I have to fill out any forms?

You are required to complete the "Terms and Conditions Agreement" form prior to using a University vehicle. Complete the form ans submit a copy to the Insurance Office. Keep a copy for your Department.

Are there any restrictions when using University vehicles?

Only qualified drivers are permitted to use University vehilces. No other person shall operate the vehicle, including relatives, friends or other employees.

What is the deductible?

For vehicles less that 4500 kg the deductible is $1000. Vehicles over 4500 kg have a $2500 deductible.

Who is responsible for the deductible?

The department that has provided authorization for the use of the University vehicle is responsible for the deductible.

Who can I rent from?

A vehicles being used for University business can be rented from any business that rents vehicles. University of Guelph has a preferred vendor arrangement with Enterprise Car Rental in Guelph.


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