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Are there forms that have to filled out and submitted?

Please fill out the form and submit a copy to Arthur Chrysler and one to the Insurance Office.


What is a Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.)?

This is an additional daily charge that the rental company offers the renter in order for the rental company to waive any claims against the renter in the event of damages to the rented vehicle. The University provides this coverage up to $45,000.

Do I need to purchase the rental company's insurance?

If you are renting a vehicle through Enterprise the insurance is already included in the price, as long as the vehicle is in Southwestern Ontario.  If you are renting outside of Southwestern Ontario, or through another car agency you must purchase the additional insurance at the time of the rental.


It is the responsibility of the individual renting the vehicle to ensure that the loss waiver is included in the rental agreement in all circumstances.


What is the difference between a rented vehicle and a leased vehicle?

Any vehicle that is hired for less than 30 consecutive days is considered a rental vehicle. This type of vehicle is not added to the University's insurance policy. The rental company is responsible for obtaining the minimum legally required liability insurance. Most rental company self-insure the physical damage for these vehicles.

Any vehicle that is hired for more than 30 consecutive days is considered leased and is added to the University fleet. It is the University's responsibility to obtain insurance for vehicles it leases.


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