Animal Biosciences (PhD)

Two female researchers in poultry barn, one with clipboard, one holding chicken, two other females in background.

The PhD offered in the Department of Animal Biosciences focus on animals of significance in food production, with four main areas of research:

  • Animal Breeding and Genetics (quantitative or molecular)
  • Animal Nutrition (monogastric or ruminant)
  • Animal Physiology (environmental and reproductive)
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare

The PhD program is research-oriented and provides instruction and experiences that will develop students' abilituies to independently formulate hypotheses and design and execute experiments or conduct observational studies to reach definitive conclusions. More information on the PhD program is available on the department's PhD webpage.

Admission requirements for the PhD program are available through the Graduate Calendar.

For more information contact:
Wendy McGrattan
Graduate Secretary
519-824-4120, Ext. 56215

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