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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


X--Degree Programs

Horticultural Science and Business

Department of Horticultural Science.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Barry Shelp, Rm. 4237, Bovey Building, Ext. 3089. Dr. J.W. Riekels, Rm. 3120. Bovey Building, Ext. 2791.


02-222 Financial Accounting
02-331 Operations Management
02-332 Financial Management
02-437 Marketing Management
17-230 Plant Physiology *
19-258 Introductory Biochemistry *
53-323 Plant Propagation
53-328 Greenhouse Production
53-351 Vegetable Production
53-442 Fruit Crops
One of:
29-424 Weed Science
34-321 Plant Pathology
34-410 Applied Entomology
*Restricted elective.


Students are encouraged to substitute

53-430 Postharvest Physiology (8)


01-336 Food Processing and Product Development (6)

in their schedule of studies.

Students are also required to select the plant science and resources courses in semesters 3 and 4 (01-230, 01-231, 01-2451/2) and replace 01-2351/2 Animal Production Systems and Industry in their schedule of studies with 2 elective courses in Horticultural Science.

List A - Preferred Electives in Humanities and Social Science

35-150 Introduction to Film
36-200 Contemporary Economic Problems in Canada
36-210 Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
36-320 Economics of Industrial Relations
36-265 Introduction to the Economics of Developing Countries
36-362 International Trade
37-220 Postcolonial Literature
37-264 Modern Canadian Literature
37-274 Children's Literature
37-288 Women in Literature
44-xxx Any French Studies Course
45-221 Environment and Resources
45-223 Economic Geography
45-251 Canada: A Regional Synthesis
45-257 A Geography of the Third World
45-332 Agricultural Systems and Location
47-xxx Any German Studies Course
49-115 Contemporary History: A Global Perspective
49-125 Science and Society Since 1500
49-214 Building the Modern City
49-280 The History of the Modern Family
74-210 Critical Thinking
74-212 Ethics
74-218 Philosophy of Science
74-260 Business and Professional Ethics
78-208 Development and Underdevelopment
78-305 The Canadian Political Process
78-220 International Relations
78-225 Public Administration
78-230 Canadian Government
80-231 Introduction to Social Psychology
80-233 Principles of Learning
80-245 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
80-302 Psychology of Law
80-380 Psychology and Education
85-201 Introduction to International Development
85-220 Introduction to Women's Studies
85-250 Management in Organizations
85-260 Technology, Arms Race and Conflict in the 20th-Century
86-204 Sociology of Work
86-209 Urban Sociology
86-310 Sociology of the Family
86-421 Advanced Topics in Rural Sociology
88-xxx Any Spanish Studies Course - see Faculty Advisor

List B - Electives in Agricultural Science and Related Disciplines

A list of faculty advisors for the following elective course groups is available from the Dean's Office, O.A.C.

Agricultural Economics and Business

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business


Department of Crop Science, Department of Land Resource Science

Animal and Poultry Science

Department of Animal and Poultry Science

Environmental Biology

Department of Environmental Biology

Food Science

Department of Food Science

Horticultural Science

Department of Horticultural Science


Land Resource Science

Rural Extension Studies

Department of Rural Extension Studies

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - B.Sc.(Agr.)

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