OUTline is the University of Guelph's resource and support service specializing in questions and information relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

OUTline Online Chat Support

OUTline Online is a confidential and anonymous service provided by OUTline, the University of Guelph's resource and support service for the LGTBQ2IA+ community. OUTline Online is the place to connect with volunteers in a discreet, confidential and private online environment about any questions surrounding sexuality, gender, identity, coming out, etc. We field questions ranging from how a professor should choose words related to LGBTQ+ questions in a classroom to how someone should come out to their parents, to where to meet other queer students on campus. All of the volunteers who operate this service have had a coming out experience themselves, and have extensive training in how to talk to you about any of the topics above.

If you are here to chat with a volunteer, they will be available every day from 7 to 10pm. 

Please take a moment to review the OUTline Online Terms of Service before logging in. In particular, note that the username you chose will be logged by our online chat system (OLARK), and we recommend that you do not choose a username that may give clues as to your real identity. We also suggest that you use this chat somewhere where others cannot see your computer screen.

Ask OUTline Blog

Regular posts by the OUTline Facilitator and OUTline Volunteer team on a wide range of subjects relating to sexuality and gender. Visit our blog postings on GryphLife.ca.