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A Guelph neighbourhood

Bylaws, Tenant Safety and Property Standards

As a student resident, you are responsible for your behaviour on and off-campus. These are some bylaws that you should be particularly aware of:

Parking Bylaw: Residents in your neighbourhoods need to park too! Make sure you’re aware of the residential parking rules so everyone has room to park and your vehicle isn’t in the way: guelph.ca/living/getting-around/drive/parking/residential-parking

Noise and Nuisance Bylaws: Guelph neighbourhoods are home to professionals, alumni, seniors, and families, as well as students. Make sure you’re aware of the 24/7 Noise and Nuisance Bylaw, and that you’re respecting noise levels at all times of the day: guelph.ca/living/house-and-home/noise-control-and-nuisance-party-bylaws

*Note that the Noise bylaw in Guelph is 24/7. Playing amplified music outdoors is not allowed at any time of day.

Property Standards: Neighbours like for their neighbourhoods to be well kept. Be aware that your property is part of the landscape for others. See the Guelph Property Standards bylaw at guelph.ca/living/house-and-home/property-standards

Tenant Safety Inspections: If you would like a Rental Unit Inspection, the city offers them for free! Book yours today at guelph.ca/city-hall/planning-and-development/community-plans-studies/housing/shared-rental-housing/#tenant-safety