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Setting up a phone account in Canada

To set up a phone account in Canada, you have to purchase a plan in person. The university provides unlimited Wi-Fi access for students, so if you’re living on campus, you can use the internet to make calls through social media platforms. You may also choose to research for an appropriate plan that suits your needs and budget.

All of these providers have a store/booth in Stone Road Mall, where you can set up an account and purchase your desired plan.

  • Messaging, calling minutes, and data usage needs
  • Mobile network coverage
  • International calling and texting rate (if calling home is your primary communication)
  • Do you need a new phone or are you bringing your phone?
  • What’s your budget?

Tip: Remember to include tax (an additional 13%) when calculating the final price.

This may vary between mobile operators, but most students need: 

  1. Two pieces of ID (you can bring a government-issued photo ID such as passport, and Student ID card)
  2. Bank account information
  3. Proof of Canadian address

Be prepared to encounter some challenges when arranging mobile plans due to lack of credit history in Canada. Some mobile operators require a credit check assessment. If you are not able to enrol in a mobile plan right away, that's okay. Most places have Wi-Fi available so you can still stay connected.

Purchasing calling cards or phone cards will make phoning long-distance much cheaper. You can purchase phone cards at any grocery or corner stores.