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Living in a Landlord’s Home

Renting a room in someone's home can have multiple benefits for both the landlord and the tenant. On this page we have provided information and resources to help you decided if this kind of living arrangement is right for you.

Benefits to landlords:

  • Additional income
  • Potential tax benefits related to utilities, expenses, renovations and upgrades
  • Tenant assistance with things such as outdoor maintenance for reduced rent rate
  • Tenant assistance with household chores for reduced rent rate
  • Companionship and assistance, particularly for seniors
  • Opportunity to support a U of G student

Benefits to renters:

  • Financial savings
  • Independence and autonomy
  • Build community

Please Note: The following rental resources apply to you if you share a kitchen and/or bathroom with your landlord or their immediate family member. For all other rental living arrangements, please visit the Rental Living Resources page for further information and resources regarding this rental situation.

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For Students

Are you considering living in the same home as your landlord (owner-occupied)? If so, here are some things you should consider as this impacts what rights you have in a rental contract. 

  • If you share a kitchen or bathroom with the landlord, then this rental contract is exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) laws in Ontario 
  • You are essentially a guest in the landlord's home and they can develop house rules of their choosing so it's important to have those defined ahead of time in the form of a contract
  • If a problem arises with your landlord that involves monetary amounts, you will need to take action through the Ontario Small Claims Court as you will not have access to solve it through the Landlord and Tenant board as the living situation is exempt from the RTA 
  • Work together with your landlord to create a contract that both parties are comfortable with 
Contract should include
  • Landlord name and renter name
  • Address of property 
  • Rental fee amount including when and how often rent is to be paid 
  • Beginning and end date of contract 
  • Signatures of both parties accepting terms and conditions, as well as date of signing 
  • Which utilities are included or additional 
  • What furniture is included (photos of condition of furniture at beginning of agreement recommended) 
Additional things to consider adding to your contract
  • Expectations regarding
    • Cleanliness / chores
    • Food / cooking
    • Quiet hours
    • House guests
    • Laundry facilities (time restrictions)
    • Pets
    • Privacy and rights to entry of certain rooms
  • Notice required to end living arrangement (by either party)
  • Responsibility for yard maintenance
  • Any limitations for use of garage, yard etc.

These items should be discussed and considered and ultimately written into a final agreement which both parties sign and receive a copy of for their records. 

If you have any questions or require additional support, please reach out to

For Landlords

You can post your rental listing for free on Places4Students.

Listing should include
  • Photos of unit
  • How many bedrooms are available
  • Monthly rent amount
  • Location (does not need to be specific address but should include street name, nearest intersection or landmark) 
  • Utilities (what is/is not included: hydro, water, internet etc.)
  • Description of unit – will the tenant be sharing a bathroom, kitchen etc.
  • Brief detail of who is living in the home
  • Preferred contact information (email recommended, International Students often cannot text or call Canadian numbers from abroad) 
Example Listings

Example where landlord (or immediate family member) lives in home and shares kitchen and/or bathroom with tenant:

1 bedroom available for rent for $600/month in this home close to Stone Road Mall. One bus to the University of Guelph, grocery stores and more. Home is occupied by two professionals and one friendly dog. Bedroom is located in the basement and has a private bathroom not used by other household members. Access to shared kitchen which includes a fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher. Utilities and internet are included in rent. No parking spot available. Option for tenant to stay for either 8 months or 12 months. Please note that this home is owner-occupied.

Example where landlord (or immediate family member) does not live in the home:

4 bedrooms available in 4-bedroom home for rent for $600/month. Close to Stone Road Mall and one bus to the University of Guelph, grocery stores and more. One bedroom located in the basement and three bedrooms on upper floor. One kitchen which includes a fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher. Utilities are included in rent, not including internet/cable. Laundry on site. Two parking spots available. 12-month lease.

Landlord Resources:
Standard Lease 
Residential Tenancies Act 

If you have any questions or require additional support, please reach out to