Digital Transformation & Innovation

Today, like many other organizations, U of G has a keen appetite and increasing demand for cloud-based digital transformation to keep the University on the cutting edge, ensure we remain a coveted institution and provide the best possible experience for our students, staff, and faculty. As part of this effort, the Chief Architect will establish a flexible, integrated and sustainable IT environment that can adapt to the rapid technologies impacting higher education through the adoption of digital technologies such as Cloud. 

Digital transformation refers to the evolution of an organization’s foundational business practices through the strategic adoption of digital technologies. It involves taking a customer-driven, digital-first approach to all aspects of a business.

Key Focus Areas of Digital Transformation 

Enhance Student Experience

Focus on the improvement of student metrics including retention, graduation rates, course success, and other markers that evaluate overall success.

Best in Class

Focus on differentiating as an institution with the use of digital avenues to be seen as the best in class amongst higher education industry leaders. 

Create a Culture of Digital Thinking

This includes the adoption of a digital mindset and data driven decision making across all areas of the University.

Optimize Resources

The optimization of infrastructure and technology resources to deliver services in a cost-effective manner.

Initiatives & Priorities  

Some of the key priorities are: 


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