IT Governance

IT Governance Council

Setting up formal IT governance on campus was a major recommendation coming out of the provost-sponsored 2017 campus-wide IT review. The U of G IT Governance Council (ITGC) is a governing body that directs and oversees the approval and prioritization of all IT projects on campus. This is a major step forward for enabling more efficient and effective IT service delivery on campus.

Benefits of the ITGC include campus-wide perspective on IT investments, improved efficiency, reduced duplication of effort, creation of integrated technologies, formal approval and prioritization process, and improved IT focus on the academic mission of the University.

There are four sub-committees of the ITGC that oversee specialized IT projects and investment, with the ITGC having the final decision-making authority. They are:

  • Academic Technologies Advisory Council (Chairs: Cate Dewey, Michelle Fach)
  • Cyber Security Governance Committee (Chairs: Dave Whittle, Stephen Willem)
  • Data Governance Steering Committee (Chairs: Brad Minaker, Dave Whittle)
  • Research Computing Advisory Board (Chair: Malcolm Campbell)

There are currently seven high-impact ITGC-approved campus IT projects. These include:

Links/more information for all projects currently in development.