Data Centre Physical upgrades


The CCS Data Centre houses many critical applications and systems, all of which are key to supporting the goals of the University. The protection of these assets is of utmost importance.

As such, CCS commissioned an external assessment of the data centre to identify risks and areas for improvement. The assessment identified eight significant findings, including UPS batteries nearing end of life, physical security gaps, air conditioning issues, and electrical and fire prevention improvements.

In order to remain compliant and protect our digital assets, a project was approved and prioritized by the IT governance council (ITGC) and set into motion with several initiatives:

  • addressing relevant UPS, air conditioning and electrical needs;
  • implementing fire prevention improvements;
  • upgrading ceiling tiles to meet updated building standards;
  • addressing security gaps through the installation of cameras and other access controls; and
  • evaluating the feasibility of consolidating the physical layout of the data centre, saving on electrical, cooling and floor space.

By upgrading the physical components of the data centre and enhancing security measures, CCS can ensure the safety and security of its staff, the protection of electronic assets, and optimized efficiencies in power consumption.

Work to Date

As of July 2019, the following work has been completed: 

  • successful replacement of UPS batteries;
  • adjustments to the air conditioning units to minimize wasted capacity; and
  • updates to card access, upgraded double doors, installation of security cameras;

Future Work Planned

Work planned for 2019-20:

  • remediate disabled air conditioning unit humidifiers;
  • replacement of ceiling tiles;
  • HEPA/ULPA cleaning;
  • space consolidation, saving on electrical, cooling and floor space;
  • address one transformer that has reached capacity;
  • address electric wiring to meet best practices; and
  • address perimeter walls of computer room to ensure they are sealed and meet code requirements.

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