Milestones & Timelines


Spring 2019: Initial Workshops and Feedback - initial workshops held in each topic area in May 2019. An early vision statement for each topic was crafted out of those workshops, that will be continually revisited and refined over the next year of stakeholder engagement. 

Summer 2019: Identify Pillar Leads and Working Group Members - work with senior leadership to identify leaders to drive each area of the IT Strategy, as well as small working groups to support their efforts. 

Fall 2019 to Summer 2020: Stakeholder Engagement - the most critical part of building an effective IT Strategy. We will be engaging with many different campus groups to ensure we are hearing broad feedback about current challenges and future opportunities. 

Fall 2020: Drafting of pillar documents/reports - pillar leads/working groups will create a report of all engagement feedback from each pillar

Winter 2020: Collation of engagement findings, analysis, drafting and review of IT Strategic Plan.

Spring 2021: Launch of final IT Strategic Plan.