Project Updates

January + February 2021 IT Town Halls

With engagement complete and results analyzed, the IT community came together to develop and prioritize the initiatives that will drive this strategy.

December 2020 Faculty and Staff Survey

As with the student survey, this was a campus-wide survey to determine how well our findings matched our faculty and staff's needs and expectations.

October 2020 Student Survey

A campus-wide student survey was conducted to determine how well our findings matched our students' needs and expectations.

May 2020 Ridgetown Workshops

Due to COVID-19, these workshops were moved to online and done in small groups over an entire week, rather than a single focused day.

February 2020 University of Guelph-Humber Workshops

In-person outreach to Guelph-Humber, to ensure we capture voices from the entire population affected by this strategy.

January + February 2020 Student/Faculty Workshops

Student- and faculty-specific workshops, to ensure we capture voices from all populations on campus.

December 2019 Staff/Faculty Workshops

Additional workshop sessions, focused on expanding the discussion from previous engagements.

November 2019 to Present

Ongoing one-on-one meetings, interviews, and discussions with people across campus. Do you have some thoughts you would like to share? We want to hear them! Email the IT Strategy team at

October 2019 Student Survey

As part of the 2019 Cyber Security Awareness Roadshow, we ran a survey of student security confidence, kowledge, and areas they see for improvement.

Fall 2019 Selection of Pillar Leads and Working Groups

We have selected leaders for each of the six pillars, and these leaders will drive stakeholder engagement for each area and help deliver the final vision and objectives. Each pillar is also supported by a working group, folks who are invested in each area and will consult and help drive stakeholder engagement forward. If you want to get involved and have your voice heard, reach out to these pillar leads. 


Pillar Leads

Cyber Security

Murray Perkins

Stephen Willem

Data + Analytics Karen Menard
Information Systems

David Hargreaves

Claudia Runciman

Research Support

Laura Beaupre

Amy Buckland

Student Experience

Christy Niven

Shannon Thibodeau

Teaching + Learning

Lena Kushnir

Greg Sabatine


Advisory Committee Selection

We have identified a number of key stakeholders from various areas across campus to sit on the IT Strategy Advisory Committee. This group will provide high-level oversight and strategic guidance over the course of the project. You can see the members in the "About" section of the IT Strategy site.

May 2019 Staff/Faculty Workshops

Our initial round of workshops were held in May 2019 on each of the main topic areas:

  • Cyber Security
  • Data + Analytics
  • Information Systems
  • Research Support
  • Student Experience
  • Teaching + Learning

Future Engagements

More opportunities coming soon! Looking to get involved? See Campus Engagement to view upcoming engagement activities and find out how!