Invoicing for Research Funds

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Signing of Agreement

Most agreements require an invoice to be sent to the sponsor upon signing of the agreement. Research Financial Services will send this invoice to the sponsor.

Financial Report Dates

Research agreements will specify when a financial statement is required. Research Financial Services will prepare an invoice to accompany the financial statement. Please note, depending on the requirements of the sponsor for the financial report, Research Financial Services may need significant assistance from the faculty member and/or his/her department administrator. Some of the sponsors are:

  • CFI
  • Genome Canada
  • AAC
  • AAFC
  • Canadian Space Agency

Milestone Dates

Some research agreements require an invoice for a specified amount by a specified date. These dates are recorded in our database and Research Financial Services will issue an invoice based on date per the signed agreement.

Research Milestones/Services

Some research agreements require an invoice after a specific research activity or service has been performed. Research Financial Services will rely on the researcher to notify us when this research activity or service has been performed. Depending on the service/activity performed, we may need the researcher to identify the amount of the invoice.