Undergraduate Programs

Side angle of Johnston Hall covered in vines. Students walking around.

Are you committed to environmental issues, passionate about agriculture and the rural community, or looking for a career in business? Ontario Agricultural College has a program to meet your needs. OAC's undergraduate degree programs produce new professionals ready to advance the fields of agriculture, food, the environment and community development.

The following undergraduate degree programs are available:

Degree Major
Bachelor of Arts Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Environmental Management
Equine Management
Food Industry Management
Bachelor of Commerce Food and Agricultural Business
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Animal Science
Crop, Horticulture & Turfgrass Sciences
Honours Agricultural Science
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences Ecology
Environment & Resource Management
Environmental Economics & Policy
Environmental Sciences
Bachelor of Science Animal Biology
Environmental Biology
Food Science
Plant Science













For more information on undergraduate degree programs, consult the University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar.