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Study the Environment

Challenge climate change.

We want you to find your perfect environmental program so you can do just that. At U of G, it’s a real choose-your-own environmental adventure. Want to work in a lab? Forest? Design studio? The tundra? A boardroom? In politics? No matter your interests, the University of Guelph has an environmental program to match them. 

Why study the environment at U of G?

Thinking about the environment is just part of the culture on campus.  94 percent of the University’s departments engage in sustainability research, and we have a Gold STARS rating for sustainability. Our award-winning campus food is sourced locally, including from our own organic farm.

Our suite of environmental programs encourages a unique approach to solving complex issues. No matter the program you pick, you’ll learn about the environment from a 360° view. The environment and the issues it faces are not one-dimensional and your studies will reflect that. Explore how people, places, things and animals interconnect, compete and co-exist.

9 programs
focused on the environment
available for most programs
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focused on the environment

Choose Your Program:

Insects + Plants + Biodiversity | Explore how plants, animals, and microbes interact. Ecology is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. Co-op available. 

Economics + Science + Business | Influence people’s environmental behaviours through science and economics. Environmental Economics and Policy is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. Co-op available. 

Business + Natural Resources | Combine business and science courses to create a career protecting natural resources and safeguarding their use. Environmental Management is a major of the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management. Co-op available. 

Tech + Resources + Environment | Build your environmental science toolbox with skills in social sciences, physical sciences and technology. Environment and Resource Management is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. Co-op available. 

Soil + Air + Earth + Water | Explore it all and learn the science behind Earth’s major chemical, physical and biological processes. Environmental Sciences is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. Co-op available. 

Science + Land-based learning + Collaboration | Braid together Indigenous and non-Indigenous practices to see the world from multiple perspectives. The Bachelor of Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice is like no other degree in Canada. Co-op available. 

Design + Outdoor Spaces | Apply creativity, innovation and an understanding of natural and social systems to design environments that are attractive, functional and sustainable. Learn more about the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

Develop your practical skills in water and natural resource management. The 2-year Associate Diploma in Environmental Management is offered at Ridgetown Campus. Co-op available. 

+ more options

Students interested in studying the environment can also check out Marine and Freshwater BiologyWildlife Biology and Conservation, Environmental Governance, GeographyEnvironmental Geomatics, and One Health.

Graduate programs focused on the environment at the University of Guelph include Environmental Science (MES, MSc, PhD) | Geography (MA, MSc, PhD) | Landscape Architecture (MLA) | Conservation Leadership (MCL) | One Health

Experiential Learning

Explore and apply your ideas in new ways and places through studying abroad, taking field courses, working with community partners in your courses, or joining environmental clubs.

Choosing Co-op

Improve your job search skills, work performance and networking abilities, and explore careers while making money. The co-op option for bachelor's degrees is a 5-year program with a minimum of four semesters of full-time work. Co-op in an associate diploma includes 1 semester of full-time work in the summer. 

Matt smiling in room with red background, wearing grey sweater
When I visited Guelph, I just felt like it was the right place to be. I enjoyed all the schools that I visited but Guelph really stuck out to me. The Bachelor of Bio Resource Management program was unique in the sense that it's sort of a hybrid program between environmental sciences and business management.

Matthew Pavusa, Undergraduate Student
Environmental Management
Hear more from Matt

Tatijana Vukocic
What I love about the BLA program is that it combines all the things that I am most passionate about. I enjoy studying the built environment that we live in and learning about how a well-designed environment has an impact on the people that live there.

Tatijana Vukovic, Undergraduate Student
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Read Tatijana's Story

I chose my program because, if I'm being very honest, I'm very indecisive. I knew that I wanted to do environmental sciences, but I was afraid of commitment. At Guelph, environmental sciences offers a first general year before you get to declare your major.

Ibrahim Aburaneh
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences, Alumni

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