Swine Research Day 2017 Graduate Student Competition Results

Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Thank you to all of the University of Guelph students who participated in the graduate student competitions that took place at the University of Guelph Swine Research Day on May 17, 2017 in Creelman Hall.

The competitions were generously sponsored by the Centralia Swine Research Update and showcased the swine-focused research of Masters and PhD level graduate students.  The competition included oral presentation categories for MSc and PhD students and a poster competition which included a 2-minute oral pitch.

The results of the competitions were as follows, congratulations to our winners!


CSRU Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition: PhD Category 

1st Place: Amanda Perri, PhD candidate, Dept of Population Medicine - A case-control study on the early outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in Canadian swine herds


Angie Bosman, PhD student, Dept of Population Medicine- Antimicrobial use in Ontario swine production

Emily Miller, PhD candidate, Dept of Animal Biosciences - Partitioning of dietary nutrients is facilitated by reduced insulin sensitivity in late gestating gilts


CSRU Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition: MSc Category

1st Place: Adam Totafurno, MSc student, Dept of Animal Biosciences - Compensatory body protein gain in newly weaned pigs


Shayla Larson, MSc student, Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology - Identification of genetic markers in Luman and LRF for stress-responsiveness in piglets

Dylan Melmer, MSc student, Dept of Population Medicine - A descriptive analysis of swine movements as a contributor to disease spread


Centralia Swine Research Update (CSRU) Graduate Student Poster Competition:  

1st Place: Kristen Reynolds, DVSc student, Dept of Population Medicine - Bioavailability of ketoprofen when compounded with iron dextran for use in nursing piglets

2nd Place: Wilfredo Mansilla, PhD candidate, Dept of Animal Biosciences - Replacing non-essential amino acids (NEAA) with ammonia nitrogen (N) does not alter amino acid (AA) profile of deposited protein in carcass of growing pigs fed a diet deficient in NEAA-N


Back row, from left: Kristen Reynolds, Terri O’Sullivan (Chair), Adam Totafurno. Front row, from left: Doug Richards (CSRU representative), Amanda Perri, Angie Bosman, Emily Miller, Dylan Melmer, Shayla Larson, Wilfredo Mansilla.


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